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Saturday, 2-Feb-2013 00:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Turkey Trip

It was an amazing time touring Turkey with a group of my college friends, one of whom flew from US to join us. Finally, I set my eyes on Aya Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Bhosphorous Straits, and many other interesting places. SubhanAllah and I'm so grateful for witnessing the beauty of Allah's creations.

Tuesday, 10-Apr-2012 12:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Flowers Of Our Homeland......

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Sunday, 8-Apr-2012 14:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Majlis Ilmu/Qatam Al-Qur'an...

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First class that I attended after 2 weeks away was Ustaz Sharif's. It really felt good to be back in majlis ilmu. Although I was taking in the sheer beauty of Allah's creations in other land, I still missed classes. Ustaz explained on " Najis2 Yang DiMa'afkan," responded to many questions from the floor, including from me. That evening, a friend qatam Al-Qur'an and a few of us joined her in her joy. Our ustazah will be holding a majlis qatam beramai-ramai on 8th July. Although I had completed my one to one recital with our ustazah two years ago, I'll be included in this majlis as well, alhamdulillah.

Yang-It really helps healing to have friendly staff of hospital around us. I always admire unassumming big bosses. Kadang kala, org bukan Islam lebih banyak mencerminkan nilai2 murni dari orang Islam sendiri. I shall upload more flowers for the nurses to see. Kalau ada rezeki ke mana-mana lagi, I'd definitely want to go in spring.....

Friday, 6-Apr-2012 14:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Meeting Brian and Fadzil

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Through fotopages, I met many like minded friends who share the same interest in photography and travelling. We kept in touch through the comments made in one another's pages and occassional emails. So, when Brian mentioned that he was coming to Malaysia for a visit again, it was like a good opportunity to meet over coffee or lunch. Since Brian was also in touch with Fadzil (who goes by the name Kampung Boy in fp), the three of us agreed to have lunch in Subang Parade after my Australian trip and a few days before Brian flew back. It was nice chatting over lunch in Kelantan Delights, one of my favorite places. We could recoznise one another instantly through the photos. Fadzil's wife, who was supposed to have joined us, could not take leave. I hope one day to meet Layman, Halamanku, PI, Siti Hawa, Jama over lunch somewhere. Zairin is coming back from Seattle, so perhaps we can arrange something.

Yang-Alhamdulillah, there is positive improvement in Suhaila. Good to have been able to skype with both of you yesterday. Yes...you are right. It's not about showing off....it's genuine sharing of photos, experiences and good tips. Fb is easier in terms of uploading and quick updates but frankly, I don't really fancy having many "friends" who are merely "stalkers." Defeat the purpose of connecting and communicating. What communication can there be with one way traffic? Do you mind finding out if there is treatment for dementia there in the hospital. If yes, I can recommend to my friend who has been afflicted for 4 years. She did stem cell treatment in Selangor Medical Centre but not much improvement.

Saturday, 31-Mar-2012 11:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sunny Gold Coast....

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After 2 nights in Sydney, we took Tiger Airways to Gold Coast, the land of sunshine and big waves. Wani had booked through Airbnb for us to stay with an Australian family, Cassey and Nigel. We took a cab from the airport to their place in Benowa about 20 minutes away from the airport. Cassey is such a nice, lovely lady. The downstairs of her home is renovated in such a way that it was cosy for guests and we had separate entrance and complete privacy. As vegetarians, she did not allow any meat to be cooked in her house. Anyway, we did not have time to cook as we went out in the morning and came back at night daily. We just had bread and jam for breakfast and had kebab/rice for lunch/dinner. Halal food was easily available in Australia these days. Some places even have prayer rooms. We walked a short distance to catch the bus to Surfer's Paradise every morning. The public transport is so efficient that going every where is easy. Drivers were helpful and the buses were never overcrowded. We were surprised to see Malay Kampung Restaurant near where we stayed. Unfortunately, it was not halal. It's runned by Mat Salleh and serves pork. May be he was just attracted to the exotic sounding name from one of his visits to our homeland. I wish our country has something like Surfer's Paradise concept. Shopping malls and accommodation blocks just across the sea. So, for those who want to swim can go into the sea. Others can go shopping or just sit around on the benches to watch the world go by. I enjoyed watching the changing clouds and the raging sea. It was so amazingly beautiful. Plus the seagulls flying around. The sheer beauty that God gives us free of charge. The clean environment.....something that we have a lot to learn from.

Yang-Whatever the differences, it's still beautiful. Have a safe journey home and I hope Suhaila will be better after the treatment there.
PI-Itulah tujuan sebenar melawat tempat orang. Utk melihat kelainan dan keindahan alam ciptaan Allah yg dapat memantapkan lagi keimanan kita padaNya. I met Kampung Boy (Fadzil Hisham) and Brian Carter recently. Brian came down from UK for a visit. It was nice to finally meet and chat over lunch.

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