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Wednesday, 13-Jul-2011 12:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Silver Lining Clouds....

This cute pie came to stay overnight at my place with her sister a while ago. The funny thing was, the moment she entered the house, she asked for apples. Every time she comes, she will ask for apples as though she associate the house with apples. Fortunately, there were some for her in the fridge......No workers
came to work today as they wanted the pebble stones to be totally dry before polishing. So, I decided to go out for a change of air. As I walked down the stairs, Ivy called to ask if I wanted to go out for lunch and oh.. what a great timing. The restaurant was packed with lunch crowd and thereafter, we adjourned to my house to continue chatting in a more condusive environment. After Ivy left, my niece came. We had hot nescafe and I let her pour her heart contents in the three hours she was here. " Bumi mana tak ditimpa hujan...lautan mana tak bergelora...." My do'a is that she will find her peace and overcome her emotions. Life is never a straight road and the best thing is to have faith that there is good in every bad happening and Allah wants us to realise and learn and move on....

en me-Insaff.... Restoren Insaf kat Jln TAR tu lagi saya insaf tak nak pergi.
PI-Aisyah mmg comel dan bijak. Seronok peringkat2 umur begini.
Hjh Zae-Aisyah mmg sangat comel. Semua adik beradiknya comel. Dia bukan adik Wani. Anak buah Bulat ni....kakak Ahmad Zulkarnain. Adik Wani dah Darjah 4 & 3.
Mawar-Boleh...It's a nice place, aman je....tapi tak byk aktiviti kat sana ...no. 06 6797448
Zairin-Betul lah sangat. We should know. We went through a lot. Alhamdulillah....we made it atas izinNya.

Tuesday, 12-Jul-2011 12:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Work In Progress....

Pebble Stones Not Polished And Grass Not Grown Yet
This is replacement of the old mango tree and my small garden. I still have some green when they plant grass in between the pebble washed stones. The reason why the tree was cut was to put in two extra cars in, so the pebble stones are perfect choice instead of normal tiles as they will still give the garden feeling. I can still keep my potted plants too against the wall, on the covered drain that has bigger pebbles on them. I have been gateless for two weeks. I am disappointed with the supplier as I really did not expect that it would take that long. The indication was only 4-5 days. Apparently, the gate is ready but I wonder what is holding them to come and fix it. It was ordered quite a while ago. I am a person who observes and keep promises and do not like dealing with people who don't. But as it is Syaaban, I maintain my patience and I know that is what Allah wants to test me on. So, I am taking it that the guy has other more urgent things to do. He, anyway, should also realise the danger that he is exposing me and my family to. This is not America or New Zealand where people do not need gates and still be safe. The scenerio is totally different. Anyway, I have faith in Him to protect me and family, meanwhile. My house was bought in the 80s, just before the economic crisis. I was only six months into my job then and our housing loan was about to be frozen. So, we quickly grabbed any house that was available and at that time, no one wanted to buy in Subang Jaya because of the noise pollution from the passing planes from Subang Airport. We only had a small renovation done before we moved in in 1987. The land area is pretty big (22X85) but the built up, especially the rooms are small. I don't remember what made us chose blue tiles for the porch and as the years passed, especially now, it looked really "weird". Anyway, I shall leave them be for now. Yes...everyone asked me to just pebble stone everything to match the new area. When I think of the work to be involved...the dust that will affect the neighbors, make me think twice about it. The above area was easier as it was not tiled up and there was only grass under the mango tree. Anyway, the guys doing this work will be off to their homeland for Ramadhan and Aidilfitri, very soon. So, I shall just put up with the "different look/landscapes/color" for the time being. Moreover, the original intention was only to accommodate cars inside and not "cosmetic" purposes. I have been observing the workers at work. They are really hardworking, working non-stop in the hot sun and rain. I bought them breakfast but they only ate nearing lunch hour and just had a short break. Their work is neat. It will look great when the stones are polished and grass grown in between them. Really admire their work attitude. Macam tu lah orang nak mencari rezeki. Bukan senang. How can you blame them for wanting to come and work here as our own people are not interested in doing this kind of hard work sedangkan pada mereka, di sini ada lubuk emas dan pekerjaan yang menjamin nasib dan masa depan keluarga mereka. How blessed we are...." dan nikmat yang mana satu kah yang ingin kau dustakan? "

Hjh Zae-Neat,kan kerja dia. Lots of remeh temeh work. Bukan beli sekeping2 yg dah siap. Gate masih tak sampai.One side je buat ni. The other side yg lama je.Asal dpt masuk kereta2 semua, dah...Ivy's tuition centre dokek rumah I. Tu yg sonang nak jumpo...bukan mcm you or Ani tu
PI-dah leh tenguk. Batu masih lum polished. Hujan tadi.
Baning-true...tapi buat yg perlu saja..
Zairin-Langsung tak terfikir pulak ini utk raya. Raya I selalu ala kadar je. Langsir pun bertahun-tahun tak tukar. Kalau masih cantik....apa payah nak tukar,kan? Oh ye... Kita kena rajin berusaha utk cari rezeki yg berkat,kan?

Monday, 11-Jul-2011 02:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Nasi Lemak Buah Bidara......

Zairin-Best jalan2 ke Portland pulak. Leceh betul nak masuk fp these days. Asyik error je.
Mummy-Tak dapat pun search your name kat fb, My fb name is hayati nordin. Tapi ada ramai juga yg sama nama. Profile pic dgn my 2 kids di depan pokok berbunga pink
Mr@min..baru nak letak title.
FarEast-Hehehe...thanks. Lapar leh lah gi makan

Thursday, 7-Jul-2011 03:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Zally's Burger


Zairin-I paling suka burger kat kiosk macam ni. Lebih sedap.
PI - Tak. Ini cerita petang semalam. Tiba2 teringin nak makan burger.

Monday, 4-Jul-2011 02:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Imam Muda Musim KeDua....

Imam Mda Nazrul Dan Hassan
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I have heard of people critisising this programme. I don't understand some people. Why can't a programme which is positive and informative be produced? Aren't we happy to see young generation of religiously well informed/practised individuals? There are too many entertaintment programmes around so at least, we should be relieved that spiritual ones are not neglected. Now that Al Hijrah is also available, we have more channels to choose from for spiritual enrichment. If we are too busy to go to classes, we can always get ilmu from the confine of our living rooms. All depend on us to decide.

PI/Mummy-Rasanya mereka diberi peluang jadi jugak. Imam Muda Hizbur selalu jadi Imam kami di bulan Ramadhan untuk solat terawih.
Yang-Yes it's true. I really wish that the young generation watched this programme when it was aired. Many are more drawn to other non-religious programmes like Maharaja Lawak
Zairin-Masaalahnya...ada ustaz2 jugak yg kritik...dikalangan yg well educated pulak tu.
Hjh Zae-I pun heran...kenapa lah nak kilauan2 bagai. Umur dah senjo2 tu. tak payah lah nak naik pentas menyanyi. Umat akhir zaman,kan? Ilmu akhirat yg patut kito gilap sampai kilat.

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