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Saturday, 2-Jul-2011 05:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Letting Go......

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Sometimes in life, we have to let go of something/someone we love for various reasons. I just read about Loh Chee Hoo who chose to study in USM despite being awarded a scholarship to study in France, so that he can take care of his mother. How noble and filial a son he is. Many have to let go, even their marriage. But never ever let go of your love for your parents at whatever cost.... whether they are still healthy or they are ailing and failing in every way. Caring for sick parents is a gift from Allah for which we will be generously rewarded by Him. Since the reward cannot be seen, many fail to feel it. I miss the opportunity to care for my parents as they left me when I was only in my 30s but I remember them daily in my do'a now..... I have to finally let go of my mango tree, after 24 years. It had provided us endless good fruits which had benefited friends, family members, neighbors, strangers, birds, squirrels. even thieves. Bye...bye...mango tree.

Mummy-Singapore very strict in enforcement. Tu yg orang tak berani...
Zairin-Betul...makan pun tak boleh ikut perasaan je...mudharat. Mudah2an, anak2 kita akan jaga kita sampai hujung nyawa lah,kan?
PI-Tak, sbb dah ada garden chair.

Friday, 1-Jul-2011 02:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Pagi Bersama Imam Muda Ashraf.....

Imam Muda Ashraf came to our class last Wednesday to talk on Israk Mikraj. It was raining rather heavily but that did not stop the ladies (a Muslimat class) from coming. Perhaps many were curious to see how and what a young Imam could deliver. I found him to be very good, as good as an experienced ustaz and able to . keep the audience glued to his tazkirah. Despite having fever, perhaps due to exhaustion from the recent Brunei trip, he was enthusiastic in his delivery. A pleasant and approachable young man, sejuk perut ibu yang mengandungkannya. After class, he obliged our photo taking session. As usual, I had my camera with me. As someone who loves photography, an opportunity to shoot anything interesting can come up unexpextedly. So, it is best to have a camera on hand.

Zairin-Bukan kelas ngaji. Ashraf bagi ceramah Israk Mikraj. Dia pemenang realiti show, Imam Muda musim pertama. Tonite, the final for second season. Sejuk hati tenguk anak2 muda macam ni. Betul...roses from my garden.
PI-Memang lah benar.
Hjh Zae-Alhamdulillah.

Tuesday, 28-Jun-2011 12:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Of Sickness And Death.....

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Been hearing about death and sickness quite often, of late. No one can run away from death but we pray that it will be easy on us. " Ya Allah, mudahkan lah bagi kami sakkaratulmaut." This morning I attended a do'a selamat function for a person who was diagnosed with cancer last December, underwent an operation and chemo treatment since. She looked very well and cheerful despite what she went through. After the function, she recited a poem she composed on her feelings after the diagnosis. She is thankful for a supportive husband, family members and friends who have been there for her. Be brave, Puan Sri Maniseh. Our do'a will always be there for you and all other friends, relatives and whoever who are not in the pink of health. Met Cikgu Siti Hajar, a vocal teacher for the earlier AF programmes. A very friendly and beautiful lady upclose and personal. While enjoying our lunch, we talked quite a bit on AF, her feelings on it and on a few of her ex students who made it and who did not.

Mummy-Betul tu. Mudah2an Allah bagi kita rezeki kesihatan dan usia yg berkat.

Saturday, 25-Jun-2011 09:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sudden Departure.....

I was thinking of the ayat in Surah Al-Juamaah " Dan Mati Yang Kamu Cuba Lari Darinya, Akan Tetap Menemuimu Jua." My cousin's son-in-law passed away on Thursday when his plane crashed while doing an airshow in Padang, Sumatera. My condolences to the family. It must have been hard for his wife who saw the whole incident. We have to accept Allah's decision to take him back so suddenlly. I have not met him and family for a long, long time but I still remember him as a pleasant guy. He was in the army and was active in the flying club after his retirement. He was buried on a Friday, an auspicious day. May Allah bless his soul. Our time will come too. Are prepared?

PI-Tepat sekali.

Thursday, 23-Jun-2011 14:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Masjid Al Fallah, USJ

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PI-Saya pun first time jumpa.
Zairin-Bukan. Jauh gak dari rumah Mak Jah
FarEast-Taipan. Opposite side of contigent police tu.
Fadzil-Yes, very nice. Tiang mcm masjid Nabawi.
Yang-Ilmu ada di mana-mana. Boleh pilih dan sama ada hendak atau tak. Suka pergi ke kelas, at least dapat berjumpa kawan-kawan, bertukar-tukar kabar dan boleh tanya sendiri ngan ustaz there and then tentang apa-apa kemushkilan. InsyaAllah, will pray for your friend's wellness.

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