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Wednesday, 22-Jun-2011 10:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Orange Everywhere.....

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Attended the wedding of a son of a taddarus member at The Bukit Jelutong Hall with Suya last Saturday. Bahiah was Suya's secondary school mate in Perak. Orange was the theme color at the Hall, so it was bright and cheerful. The food was good, especially the NS rendang. One setback was that the bride and groom arrived too late, about 2.30pm. I could see that Bahiah was so worried and sad if anything happened along the way. They were from KL, which is not too far. Anyway, all went well,alhamdulillah. May the newlyweds have a great journey ahead and may Allah bless them always. That night we went to another wedding at the Dewan Kebudayaan in Shah Alam. Suya's university's friend's son. Two weddings of her friends' children on the eve of her birthday. Happy belated birthday, Suya. She is on one month's leave before continuing her job till year end. I salute her commitment to her work.

PI-Udang ni menyorok kat mana-mana. Disebalik mee pun dia ada.
Baning-Thanks. Kakak jarang jugak jumpa warna tema oren ni. Selalunya purple/lilac/gold

Monday, 20-Jun-2011 14:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Think and Rethink......

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These were taken one Saturday morning in SACC Mall, Shah Alam. Went for breakfast with my friend, Rosiah. She insisted on paying....what could I say other than thank you for the generosity. She is really very helpful too. Whenever I have things to pass to friends in the former office, she is more than willing to help me pass to them. We exchanged vacation stories...me of NZ and she of Perth. Another friend is asking me to join her for the Euro trip in October. Hm...tempting but I've got to think and rethink about it. 2 overseas trip in a year? There are so many things that come to my mind.....especially after reading about the homeless, the refugees in the papers today. What we take for granted is a luxury for them....a book, basic education, food are hard to come by. When I read their difficulties here pending repatriation to another country, I wonder what impression would the children have of this country later in their lives. Many have to be stuck here for many,many years. I remember Pulau Bidong...I remember my dad visiting the refugees with the rest of the Ahli Dewan Negara so many years ago.

PI-Oh..ada buku title begitu ye?
Zairin-Yelah,kan? Hidup kena cekal.
Yang-Betullah tu....since I just went to NZ, I guess I wouldn't want to spend 4x RM just yet. Banyak lagi benda yg perlu difikir utk masa depan. Even your mum said that NZ is the best place she's been...even in comparison to Europe. So, I guess, I made the right decision to go there. That's what I asked for and God answered my prayers and I managed to really enjoy it before series of earthquakes rattled it again. Why is it so difficult to get sms reply from you? I sms to get info on Korea.

Sunday, 19-Jun-2011 12:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
I Salute Them.....

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Actually, I feel very guilty for not updating fp as regularly as before. There is nothing to blame but my own management of time in allocating space for everything. Sometimes, I got carried away in one and neglect the other while the fact remains that this is the place where I began sharing my love for photography and short writing. This is the place where I share simple, everyday experiences/observation. Anyway, happy father's day to all the dads out there. I read an article on single dads and how they cope caring for their children. Inspiring stories and one thing in common, they agreed that it was not a bed of roses. I really emphatise with them. They went through the storms and came out of it very well. It is, definitely, not easy to ensure that the children come out of it unscarred but it is achievable if they have the children's well being above others.

PI-memang byk khasiatnya,kan?
Mummy-Mulberry. Boleh buat jam, pucuknya boleh buat ulam. Pucuk betik pulak elok utk org yg kena gout, kata my friend. Actually, ubat2an tradisi ni ada dikeliling kita,kan?
Baning-You are very right. There's a difference.

Friday, 10-Jun-2011 11:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Gonjong Limo

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Zairin-Bukan NS tapi di Batang Kali. It's a nice,quiet place.
Fadzil-Sampai kat pekan Batang Kali tu, you just look out for signage to Hulu Tamu. Or ask for Cholo-Cholo restaurant. I think most locals know.
PI-Di Pekan Baru mmg lah dah tentu2 ramai
Mummy-They have accommodation as well as restaurant/spa.
Ouled-Ado. Mano ado rezki, situlah ado wagieh yg mencari.
Baning-Memang. Nampaknya...ramai yg semakin jarang di fp, including me.

Thursday, 9-Jun-2011 14:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Feel Closer To Him.....

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If we care to look, we will discover many natural, untouched beauty in our land too. This particular spot in Batang Kali that we went to was secluded and not commercialised. I guess that's why the beauty still remains. No rubbish strewn anywhere since we were the only people there. In many commercialised places, we have often heard of dirty surrounding which caused epidermic of diseases that put a bad name to our country and the people. We seriously have to change the dirty, littering habits. I really enjoyed myself at Hulu Tamu in Batang Kali. I was the only soul who was so enthusiastic about taking photos of everything I saw. It was the same when I followed them to Pangkor last year. These days, I do what makes me happy.....life is short. You have to make the full use of the opportunity that Allah provides you.
Being close to nature and appreciating it makes me feel closer to the Creator.

PI-Waalaikumsalam. Selamat kembali. Memang sangat bersih. Tapi saya lebih mengambil gambar dari mandi manda. Setakat membasahi kaki dan muka dgn air jernih/sejuk ini.
Zairin-Kalau ramai org tapi semua jaga alam sekitar, pun it can work....tapi payah nak dpt begitu.
Hjh Zae-Teramatlah benar, Hjh.
Mummy-Tioman mmg cantik. Org yg tak faham, mmg hairan tgk kita yg tak habis2 ambik gbr.

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