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Monday, 6-Jun-2011 13:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Meeting After Over 30 Years.....

Zul in blue baju Melayu
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My ITM 1974-1977 batch mates are organising a reunion in July after reconnecting through facebook after so many years...For some, like me, it has been over 30 years. My classmate, Zulkefli Ishak, invited us to attend his daughter's wedding last Sunday. (Coincidentally, I have three friends with the same name). I went with Wani and Bulat and all the way there, I was wondering if I could recoznise him after 33 years. I was happy to have met a few other friends there. Despite our changed physical appearance, we still managed to recoznise one another. Some of them are still working as the retirement age in government service is no longer mandatorily 55. The reunion will be held when our friends from Seattle come back for a holiday. I wish Zairin could join too. It will be fun to meet so many that we have lost touch over the years.

Mummy-That's good. Kadang2, di tempat kecik pun kita tak berjumpa...unless we make an effort.
Hjh Zae-Memanglah seronok. Macam2 nak tanyo and cerito.
Mr@min-Macam2 cerita. 30 tahun lah katakan....
Zairin-He was my classmate. Mungkin you tak kenal. Kita dulu mostly ngan DBunch je....that's why I pun ramai tak kenal budak2 batch kita

Saturday, 4-Jun-2011 07:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Clouds Over LEKAS Highway...

Call me whatever you want but I have to admit that I still can't get New Zealand out of my mind. Wani is the same too. No other places (besides Mekah/Madinah) have had this effect on me. I had experienced autumn, spring and winter in US, but the effect was different. So, these pictures of clouds are inspired by the trip. I used Lekas Highway on my way back from a wedding in Seremban one hot, Sunday afternoon. I was not feeling so well but because this was my friend's first daughter's wedding and she came all the way for Wani's, I had to make the extra mile to attend. Alhamdulillah, I felt much better after that....perhaps after witnessing my friend's happiness. Her son, a Jordan trained doctor, recited do'a which was very heart warming to see and I could imagine the pride my friend and her husband must have felt. All three of their offsprings are doctors. What more do parents want,right? MB was there to grace the ceremony. He was, jokingly, surprised to see me there. Cikgu Rosni and me have been good friends since school days, so there was nothing surprising about my presence at all.

Hjh Zae-Begitulah kira2nya....Lekas mmg banyak tol, tapi dari menompuh jam 4 jam kek jalan biaso waktu cuti2 ni...biarlah I bayar tol lobih. Dari Subang, tak practical sgt cos we have to go all the way to Kjg.
Zairin-Cantik. Hope one day I get to see Mt Rainier kat sana...
Mr@min-Memang cepat, lekas bagai...tapi jgn terlalu nak lekas, takut ngikut jejak langkah Acik Spring pulak kang...Malam2 takut gak nak lalu Lekas sorang2. Sunyi...
Layman-Kesian nya uols...nak lekas, jadi sebaliknya....Jgn serik. Kalau kali pertama gagal, cuba dan cuba lagi ....
FarEast-Ala..buat akak teringin nak ke London pulak....mahal sgt lah. Ok..cepat2 update travelog ye. Tak sabar nak baca ni.
Giggs-Betul sangat tu....Dah tu...kenapa dah 2 bulan tak balik?

Friday, 3-Jun-2011 04:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Satu Rejab Yang Mulia.......

Pejam celik, pejam celik, dah pun sampai bulan Rejab yang barakah....menandakan Ramadhan semakin hampir kepada kita. Mudah-mudahan, kita diberi kesihatan dan rezeki untuk meningkatkan lagi ibadah di bulan yang mulia ini. Talking about good deeds, I had a pleasant surprise last weekend. I was in my room when Syam came back past midnight. I knocked on his door and he was surprised that I was still up. He related to me that he joined the volunteers to distribute food to the homeless in Jalan Tuanku Abd Rahman and Jalan Pudu and that he was sad to see the reaction of about 10 people who did not manage to get any .I guess, more people turned up than expected. It has always been in my do'a that my kids have compassion for the less fortunate and to always be thankful for little blessings in life because there are so many people out there who have nothing at all. Frankly, I cried that night because Allah has answered my prayers on many instances....no matter how small they are. They are still good beginning. May the month and those following bring rahmat to all of us..di dunia dan di akhirat.

Hjh Zae-Memang pantas....bila kita banyak attend majlis ilmu, lagi terasa banyaknya masa yg dah terbuang. Tapi tak po...kito cubo perbaiki diri...
Zairin-Tu lah manusia ni,kadang2. Org ikhlas nak tolong, mereka ambil kesempatan pulak. Bersangka baik je lah...mungkin beg tu org kaya sedekah kat dia.

Tuesday, 31-May-2011 15:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Taking It Easy.....

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More than a week ago, I visited Along Jo with kak lang. She was, of course, happy to see us. Despite mostly bedridden now, her spirit is always high. That's something that many of us must learn from her. On the way back, we dropped by the nurseries since we were in Sg Buloh. The blooms were very bright and colorful. I bought a few....unfortunately, they do not seem to be surviving well....almost withering despite my following the tips given by the guys there. So, I guess, I shall just stick to my roses. Small but never failed to impress me with their blooms. They bloomed the most when I got back from NZ....knowing that I had seen beautiful ones over there and in case, I cared for them no more....so, all out to impress me. I have been taking it easy since recovering from the fever. Have not even started my brisk walk again but I did a little pottering here and there in the garden and in the house. At least, I still sweat.

b]Mummy[/b]-memang le bunga2 cantik,kan?
Layman-Ye lah,kan? Manja amat. Tak pek den nak nolong. Lain kali mmg kena beli bunga taik ayam tu lah....Layman----..Oh ok,ok...noted.
Hjh Zae-Dia dok rumah youngest daughter dia di Sg Buloh. Botolah tu....every time jumpa, dia happy sgt. We keep in touch through sms too. Dio kan IT savvy.
Giggs-Dah di takdirkan menyukai bunga.he..he..

Saturday, 28-May-2011 02:24 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Under The Weather....

Last week, taddarrus was at a member's house in Glenmarie. Very nice place. Gated community and fenceless and yes....Zairin's hubby would feel comfortable here. I will not be able to afford it until the end of time. The main thing is that the owner is very humble and down to earth despite driving or to be exact, being chauffered in a Brabus all the time. I've been under the weather for the past few days. I don't know whether it's because the intense heat. I was plucking my mangoes with the help of neighbors as the mangoes were so high, on Wednesday noon. It was so hot then. That night, I had black pepper masak kicap for dinner with rice. The next morning, I woke up a little "off'" but I still went brisk walking. Then I accompanied my neighbor to Shah Alam to buy religious books. I already felt so "not myself". I couldn't finish my breakfast. When I got home, home has never felt so cool and comfortable as that day. I could not stand myself anymore and went to bed, feeling so heaty and woke up only at dusk. I knew that something was really wrong with me. I purged throughout the night. When Wani brought me porridge, I could not even eat it. Well...we really can't take our body for granted. In a split second, the whole system can go haywire, 3 days down the line and after a visit to the doctor, I'm still not fully recovered. I planned to go back to Seremban for kenduri tahlil, but I don't feel up to it. My schoolmate is having her daughter's wedding tomorrow in Seremban, I don't know if I can make it too. Mudah2an, Allah memberi kesembuhan secepatnya....Dia yg berkuasa.

PI/Baning/Hakimi-Thank you....opps..Hakimi...apa maknanya tu?Thanks Hakimi
Mummy-Thanks. Alhamdulillah,dah sihat.
Hjh Zae-Betul. Kaya tapi tetap sentiasa ingat pdNya. Alhamdulillah, dah sihat
Zairin-Memanglah cantik.
Layman-Garden org, kan? Nampak cantik semuanya. mmg negara kita ni panas/humid...tapi bersyukurlah...tak de gempa dan lain2 yg teruk2,kan?

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