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Wednesday, 25-May-2011 05:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My Eyes Tricked Me....

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If you go to NZ expecting to really shop, I think you got the wrong place. You better change your plan to go to London, Paris or Milan. Shopping, apart from some souvenir ones, should not be your priority. NZ is the place to enjoy nature at its best. The lakes, mountains, the vast pasture lands, the skies, the fresh air. This morning before the ustaz came in class and while I was answering question from my friend on the trip, the very mention of NZ brought so many enthusiastic comments from the ladies who had gone there. As for friendliness of the people there, I would say that Americans are friendlier. Anyway, the services people are very helpful even if they didn't appear to be so warm. One funny incident at the airport....I saw a hoodie which I thought I saw as $18. I thought it wld be good to wear for my brisk walk. The counter staff said that it was $181 and not $18. Apparently, a local designer label. Although I have the cash, I wouldn't want to spend RM 438 to go brisk walking! Not that it was so pretty. I could get a better and cheaper one here. Usually, I felt sad every time I wanted to leave a place I visited....but it was different with NZ. I left feeling so fullfilled and happy. Of course, if I have the opportunity and means, I want to go to Queenstown again in the future. I will make it my base to visit other places through their local tours. I want to go there in Spring to enjoy the flowers, next time..dengan izinNya...

b]PI-[/b]Tak pe...mungkin juga saya yg silap faham. Bersederhana is the key.
Layman-Betul tu. Kalau berjalan, mana pun ok. Dalam ke luar negara, semua best.
Zairin-PI bijak. Siap sedia dulu. Kita ni tumpang sekaki je lah nanti
Hjh Zae-Tak heran langsung CT/Sally tu tak suko nature. They are not my type...
Yang-Gambar yg banyak kat fb...almost 900 copies fr my camera alone. Rasanya tak de lah nak shopping2 sangat these days. Kalau kemana-mana, some souvenir shopping will do. Dah banyak sgt barang2...esp baju2. Yg tak terpakai tu, puas pulak nak jawab kat akhirat nanti. Wani sgt praktikal dlm membeli. Cuma beli apa yg perlu not impulsively.

Monday, 23-May-2011 22:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
When The Earth Moved In Christchurch....

The city centr was close. Signange " Keep Away, Extreme Danger" was placed at strategic points and there were people manning the spots to ensure that no one got in. We met a Malaysian Chinese cashier at a souvenir shop in Queenstown. She had to be relocated there as the outlet in Christchurch was totally gone. Frankly speaking, that night in Christchurch, I was pretty worried of tremors as they said, the tremors were quite often after the major quake and we were staying in an area which was affected...right in front of Canterbury Univ. Some of their classes were still conducted in tents. My deepest condolences to our victims of the moving earth in Ulu Langat. The fact that it affected orphans make it even more heartbreaking. But ours is often a tragedy waiting to happen and when it did, as usual, a lot of finger pointing episodes. I'm rather sick of this. We have no regards for the nature and never learnt from past mistakes. Fullstop.

Zairin-Ye lah...sekelip mata gone
Layman-memang menakutkan.....kita pun tak boleh terlalu selesa. Kemungkinan itu tetap ada....tapi bangunan kita semakin tinggi....tak tau nak kata.
PI-Camera tak out. I uploaded 800 over fotos in fb. Kat fp ni, lembab sangat...
Hjh Zae-Still tak clear cos it was massive.
Giggs-I'm sure you will. You won't regret it. I'm still in angau stage. Hari2 tgk video,gbr and packages to NZ. Macam lah baru nak pergi. That's the effect on me and my daughter. Never been anywhere else and felt like this.

Monday, 23-May-2011 13:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Last Night In Christchurch.....

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We stayed overnight in Timaru, a coastal town, before heading to Christchurch, 2 hours away. We saw the ruins of the deadly earthquake as we drove around. The city centre was still inaccessible. We then watched Hakka show which I found an eye opening and interesting experience. Everyone of us was made to dance on stage too. We checked in at a nice motel opposite University of Canterbury. We walked around the campus, checked out the bookstore and tried to get some T Shirts but none was available. I remember WMU sold their T Shirts in the bookstore. This is the varsity where my niece, Nora, studied. The sweat shirt that she gave me many,many years ago was still good as new and Wani wore it for the trip.As the day we left was Syam's birthday and 2 days earlier was Bulat's, we celebrated with a picnic at the beautiful Botanical Gardens, complete with party hats. Christchurst really has nice gardens, vast and green. We returned our car 5 hours late, expected to be charged an extra day rental but wasn't. Our flight left at 3pm and we reached home at midnight.....too tired to dream. We are still remembering the sweet memories of the trip and would love to go back....esp to Queenstown. Syukur Ya Allah for allowing me to witness your greatest painting!

PI-Tak lah....Sekadar suka tenguk je. Saya tak de dream car. Apa yg ada, itulah yg saya guna.

Saturday, 21-May-2011 23:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Stylist Dunedin.....

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From Mataura, we headed on to Dunedin. We arrived in time to see the University of Ottago graduation procession and of course, we did not want to miss the fun and snapped some photos. The campus is situated in town. Spotted many Asian faces but we were not sure if they were Malaysians. Due to graduation period, all motels/hotels in town were fully booked, however their I centre personnel managed to get one nice one for us (last unit) in town within walking distance from the shops and cafes. The best part, there is a McCafe where free Wifi was available. After checking in, Syam went to town to search for Cds at JB-HiFi while the 3 of us went to the hill where Lanorch Castle and Gardens were located. It felt like going into a mini Buckingham Place. Photographs were not allowed to be taken except at the rooftop where the flag was flying high. So windy and scenic up there. The next morning, I caused panic when I accidentally cut my finger with a brand new sharper than sharp knife, and it bled profusely. Alhamdulillah, it didn't need stiching and it, surprisingly, was not painful. A memory to remember...After checking out, we went to the World's Steepest Road and drove up and down it and obtained a Certificate each. I had been on the World's Steepest Rollercoster in Chicago in my student days but the one in Sunway was the scarriest. Someone died about a month or so after I went for the ride. It could have been me. Proper/good maintenence is the key point to do here. Dunedin has Meridian Mall where we could get halal food. The staff at the Kebab Land was Malaysian student in Dunedin and she was very friendly. shopping was good in Dunedin too. I like the shops and cafes there. The city is not as busy or congested as KL. The fine weather made it more appealing. They also have Cadbury factory....hmm....nice.

PI-memang lah banyak bebeno. Sehat2. Dah terlampau byk, sampai malas pulak nak ambik gbr mereka.
Zairin-Cantik tapi tak leh ambik or beli benih kat garden ni.
Mummy-Memang cantik dan aman.

Saturday, 21-May-2011 21:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A Night In Mataura......

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After Mildford, we drove to Gore and then Mataura where Wani's friend, Robyn and her family stay. After checking in at a nearby motel, we went to her place to have dinner of roasted chicken. Hm....delicious. Robyn baked us a carrot cake and a pavlova for dessert. My favourite. Being away from Malaysia. has really turned her into a good cook. Her nasi lemak for breakfast the next morning was so nice too. I loved her sambal. I had two plates of the nasi lemak after a week of not tasting it. She also cooked us mee hoon goreng which she tapau for us for the trip. Robyn works in ANZ Bank, her hubby in a Halal Slaughter factory. Robyn's parents are there too. Robyn's 2 kids were so cute. Thanks a lot Robyn and family. I will never forget your hospitality. I have never met her before but it felt like I have known her for a long,long time. Make sure you visit us when you all come back for Raya.

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