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Monday, 5-Mar-2012 03:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Menjengah Rumah Amal Di Denai Alam....

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One morning, my friends and me deciced to visit Rumah Amal Al-Firdaus in Shah Alam after hearing about it from another friend. The house was started about 2 years ago by a couple, Ustazah Sham and her husband, with the help of another couple. The corner house was rented for RM1300 a month, housing about 30 orphans/children from underprivedged families- all kindergarten ages.They were so happy to see visitors and rushed/clamoured to shake our hands. It was so touching. They performed a simple move for us and showed us how to perform sembahyang berjemaah. I spotted a small girl crying at the corner and went to console her. I brought some choclates for them and the first thing they did was to check whether there was Halal logo. We all brought some other food items and other neccessities for the use at the house. For now, they have not received any assistance from the state or federal governments and depends on donations from the public. InsyaAllah, we want to help them again as and when possible. During Ramadhan, they received more help but not on other months. Mudah-mudahan Allah memberi rezeki lebih untuk kami terus membantu.

PI-Betul sangat. Walau sekecil manapun bantuan kita, tetap dihargai

Wednesday, 8-Feb-2012 12:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Beauty In Allah's Creation

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As usual, I am never tired of capturing ordinary things in the surrounding which I my eyes see as beautiful. It may be the same things captured all over again but I try to see them from different angles and view. I regret missing the spectacularly beautiful full moon last night as described by my friends and ustaz this morning. Malam 15 Rabi'ulawal yang amat indah. It coincided with Chap Goh Meh and the eve of Thaipusam. So, everyone was able to see the sheer greatness of God's creation. I remember Ustaz Don mentioning a few days earlier that the prophet's face was even more beautiful than the moon as related by sahabat-sahabat baginda. If only we can see his face in our dream......Of late, I enjoy listening to the Arab spiritual song Law Kana Binana about the prophet and also a spiritual song by Afghan, " PadaMu Ku Bersujud" Alhamdulillah for the ilmu that I gather daily in my classes. Alhamdulillah for this rezeki.

PI-Memang bagus cara penyampaiannya. Berdakwah pun kena creative utk menarik minat esp orang2 muda. Lagi pun, semuanya ilmu. Tidak ada kutuk mengutk, sindir menyindir

Tuesday, 7-Feb-2012 12:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Year End At ICity.....

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We did not go to ICity to celebrate year end. No such things for us anymore. We merely went to let Husin, Suya's nephew to see the place as he had never been and he happened to be in Subang at that time.We reached around 6 pm and waited till after maghrib prayers to walk around. So, we saw ICity in day light and at night. Of course it was a different scenerio altogether. The night was filled with colors of all shades and it felt like a wonderland. As there was a Selangor festival going on, there were, of course, thousands of visitors. I hope ICity will think of landscaping the area more. It will be more attractive. We need to emulate the western countries and their maintenence/clean culture.We are not lacking in beautiful places but maintenence culture in certain areas needs to be enhanced. Cleanliness is another major aspect. Our people need to inculcate the habit of proper waste/rubbish disposal instead of littering every where. I notice that even the residential areas are not spared of this problem. Rubbish every where. What happen to civic consciousness? The more educated/well-travelled people are, the worse they become. Not logical at all. I really hope to see improvement in this area. My dear country mates, don't you love the country? Oh yes...we left ICity at 10pm before the crowd grew bigger and suffocating. Husin was happy to have finally seen the wonderland.....he even experience the cold of winter in the snow house.

PI-Sangat betul. Perlu betul2 diterapkan dlm jiwa manusia akhir zaman.

Tuesday, 24-Jan-2012 08:19 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Makan-Makan Dengan Kawan2

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PI-Belated birthday treat utk my friend ni.

Monday, 23-Jan-2012 09:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Iskandar Malaysia/Johor Premium Outlets

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I had been hearing about Iskandar Malaysia, so much so it was an opportunity that I did not want to miss when I was asked if I wanted to go there. It is a new area, the concept of which is very much like Putrajaya. I feel that it is a good idea to shift the state administration there as the city is already far too congested. As it is still in developing stage, there are not too many buildings there yet. We visited Puteri Harbour nearby too. JPO is located in Kulaijaya, also a new area. I like the concept of the outlets where there are 80 branded shops located in one place. It was amazingly crowded.....it was so congested to get into the area. The parking lots were full to the brim. I did not have the opportunity to get into all the shops despite spending six hours there and bought nothing much. Each outlet was packed making it inconvenient to choose. I saw the long que at Coach. Well...since I have never been a branded conscious person, I am really not prepared to spend hundreds and thousands on a handbag which I do not even see as nice. I would just rather buy a normal, lasting handbag and spend the rest of the money on more meaningful chores....like helping the less fortunate. I would rather spend my money contributing to my class donation boxes. I guess, those people hooked on these expensive bags must have loads and donate loads too. Alhamdulillah lah for them. To each his own. Unfortunately, there are also people who cannot really afford but are influenced by their surroundings, friends and the easy access of credit cards. Credit cards have caused many young executives to be declared bankrupts. I really pray and hope that common sense prevails for all.


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