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Sunday, 22-Jan-2012 12:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Solat Hajat.......

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Of late, I have been notified of friends facing tests of sorts in their lives. One was diagnosed with breast cancer and had undergone a surgery to remove a breast. Another one had undergone a surgery to remove a lump from the neck and is still awaiting biopsy result. Yet another friend's husband was diagnosed with cancer too and awaiting further tests. Someone close's husband lost a job and imagine how stressful that is to the family with college going kids. So, our tadarus group always recite do'a for the well being of everyone after our weekly get together. Hopefully, Allah will lessen the pain of those in the midst of these trials from Him. I also discovered that my eldest sister can no longer walk even with the aid of crutches. She has been having problems with her knees for a while. It's worse now. When we face all these trials and tribulants, we have to be convinced that Allah knows the best. " Samakan kehendak kita dengan kehendakNya....barulah kita boleh rasa tenang dan redha dan tidak menyalahkan takdir. Menyalahkan takdir boleh menjejas akidah kita...perlu berhati-hati" 3 of my sisters are really frail now. I pray that they will be patient and positive in facing this stage of life. Allah is giving me the lesson in coping and dealing with the situation too so that I will be better prepared for any eventuality..

Hjh Zae-Ameen.
PI-Thanks, PI. Memang padaNya lah kita berserah. Dia yg mengetahui segalanya. PI kenal ke Hj Zaid kat Seri Petaling?

Saturday, 21-Jan-2012 05:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Revisiting Singapore.....

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I had the opportunity to revisit Singapore last December. Suya had to go to Pasir Gudang to work and she wanted to bring her nephew to see Universal Studio Singapore. So, off we drove on one fine morning. We stayed at Tune Hotel in JB and took the shuttle to USS the next day. More than one hour of standing in que at the immigration just to be served by a rude officer. She asked rudely " Why you want to come to Singapore?" I guess, we have that kind of characters every where. Part and parcels of travelling. The next day, we rented a van for RM450 for the whole day and half the night. Very well worth it. Easier at the check-point too. For me, there's nothing new at USS as I had visited the one in LA before. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the Waterworld show and the cartoon movie. Our 2 days there were really packed. Out at 9.00am and back to hotel at 12 midnight on both days. We enjoyed Night Safari too. The only thing we didn't do was shopping. We did not even go to Orchard Road. There was nothing that we wanted in particular to buy so it was better not to be trapped into impulse buying. Thought I could meet up with Jama but I really did not have the time to call. May be next time....

PI-Betul sangat tu.Beruntung rasanya berada di tanahair sendiri....banyak masjid di mana-mana
Hjh Zae-Bawak, jgn tak bawak..

Friday, 9-Dec-2011 02:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Back To Nature.....

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Monday, 28-Nov-2011 12:35 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Wedding of My Classmate's Daughter

my teacher n me
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I had the opportunity to attend Normadiah's daughter's wedding in Seremban, recently. The first wedding in her family. As Wani, Bulat and Syam were not free to accompany me, I went with Suya. Driving to Seremban alone was not a problem for me before but of late, I don't really fancy doing it unless I really have no choice. Especially in this wet season, I prefer to have company. Met my former teacher at the wedding. She looked alright despite nursing the pain of cancer. I had hoped to meet more classmates but Rosni was the only one I bumped into. I loved the daging salai dish, a pure Negri delicacy. We dropped by Acik's place for zohor prayers and later drove home in the heaviest downpour most of the way. I almost could not see the road which was truly dangerous. Asar was at Suya's place afterwhich we went to visit her mum in Kelana Jaya. She couldn't remember me but she could still read the Qur'an well and could write in jawi well too.

Friday, 25-Nov-2011 13:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Di Majlis Ilmu...

Ustaz Zul Ramli Razali
Ustaz Hafiz Kadir
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Alhamdulillah, I am grateful to Allah for giving me the opportunity, health and strength to attend majlis ilmu on a daily basis. We are very fortunate that there are many classes to go to and every mosque has classes of their own. For now, I concentrate on going to Masjid Darul Ehsan only where we have classes for muslimat at the hall everyday except Tuesday. On Thursday, the class by Ustaz Sharif Shafie, is open for men as well and it concentrates on solat chapters. Ustaz Sharif is a young but qualified ustaz who is currently pursuing his PhD. Today we had a new ustaz in class. Another young one but very good in his delivery. As good as the more experience one like Ustaz Zul Ramli, Ustaz Kamal Ashaari and the rest. His topic for the day was Barakah. There were so much to cover under that one topic alone. I pray to Allah to let me be istiqomah in attending majlis2 ilmu yang dihadiri juga oleh para-para malaikat. Ameen.

Hjh Zae- InsyaAllah, Hjh Zae. Mmg seronok.

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