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Friday, 25-Nov-2011 12:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Wajah2 Di Sea Games Football Final

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Although I know next to nothing about football, I couldn't help joining the rest whenever our tigers got into the final of a big game. That was what happened during the SEA Games final too. Of course I was not any where near Gelora Bung Karno stadium, it was nevertheless as exciting as I did my own live coverage on facebook. I would not even dream to go near Jakarta on such day. Who wants to meet those fanatical and idiotic supporters who did not know anything about gracious and courtesy. I really don't get why they hate us so much. Forcing our team to travel in armoured vehicle as though we were really in battle fields. Whatever it is, congrats tigers. You have to maintain the performance. People can forgive your loosing to Syria as it was so soon after the final and you were all exhausted, physically and mentally drained by the challenging experience. Win more after this. And Apek....stay away from controversial situasion. Personal or not, it is bad for a public figure idolised by thousands. We are in the east. Don't disappoint us....

Wednesday, 16-Nov-2011 15:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark
After The Class.....

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Usually after class, a few of us stay on to chat, take some photos and eat whatever the hostess prepared for us. Otherwise, we hardly meet as everyone is busy with own schedule. I feel that it is good to bond and for as long as we don't gossip, it is alright. We mostly talk about our families, the class. A few of us have been appointed as leader of a group each for tajwid workshop. I was quite stunned when ustazah selected me as I am rather a new kid on the block. Perhaps because I had qatam Al-Qur'an under her and she has faith in me. So, I decided to take the challenge. I take it as rezeki Allah. It is not everyday that we get this opportunity and at the same time, can continue learning as I get along. May Allah bless us all the way.

Wednesday, 16-Nov-2011 14:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark
3o Minit Ustaz Don....

I only quite recently discovered about Ustaz Don's programme on TV Hijrah. I find that his way of conveying ilmu very refreshing and clear. We do need a new and innovative way to attract especially younger people to watch spiritual programmes and this is one of the ways. Now, I look forward to his programme from Monday to Wednesday at 10.30pm. It is one of the additional programmes that I include in my daily quest for ilmu ugama. I am sure some people will be generous with their critisism of him but if it is for improvement, it's okay. As long as his subject matters are right, he should be allowed his creativity in relaying the facts. We have young ustaz/ustazah in our class too but they are good in their fields. They are qualified and educated.

Wednesday, 16-Nov-2011 13:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Meeting For Reunion 2 - Class of 77 (ITM)

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After a successful Reunion last few months, my ITM classmates wanted another one for next year. So, the committee had an informal meeting at the President's house in Taman Zooview to generally discuss some related matters. Frankly speaking, I am not so much into another reunion so soon. I had experienced it with my University mates before. A second one so soon did not bring much excitement any more.Well....since they insisted.....Personally, I prefer to have mini reunions among closer friends. It's more meaningful. Whatever it was, we enjoyed food and the nice ambience of the Presiden't house. I have been put in charge of photography meaning that I will have to find professional photographer, press photograher and video person. May be I should attend a photography class before the event too....haha

Wednesday, 16-Nov-2011 10:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Weddings Di Mana-Mana

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I had the opportunity to attend a few weddings recently. The first was that of a son of our taddarrus member. The function was held at Kelab Shah Alam. Some members volunteered to help at the function by ushering guests in. I,as usual, became the unofficial photographer. They like having me around to take photos as they can be assured of fast uploading in facebook for them to see. If they were to depend on others, it would not be so fast. From Shah Alam, we drove to KL to attend another wedding at a hall in one of UM Residential colleges. It was the wedding of a grand daughter of our friend, Raja Sham's ex-colleague. We took the opportunity to take photos in the surrounding area of the hall as well, posing at signboards. It was so fun as it reminded us of college life and days. Last weekend, I drove in very heavy downpour to Bukit Mahkota Club House to attend the wedding of Wani's and Syam's cousin (on their dad's side). I could hardly see the road. If not for Norlida by my side, I would have panicked as I hated driving in that condition and I have not driven in such condition for a long, long time especially in an area that I was not familiar in. The setting of the wedding at an open area was nice and airy. By the time we finished eating, the weather cleared and it was cool and nice for the remaining of the day. May the newly weds be blessed by Allah and live happily ever after.

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