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Thursday, 10-Nov-2011 02:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Turning Older Today.....

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Actually, as we grow older, it's not really significant to celebrate the birthday. However, it's usually the time when family and friends get together to exchange stories and just have some food and fun. Days after that, it's reflection time to see what we have gone through, what we have achieved. Are we better off as a person and as a servant to Him? With each passing year, our days and years are numbered. Personally, I am very worried of my spiritual preparation to cross to the eternal life. Watching the weather change these few days gives me the chill as this is only a small fraction of what it will be. The bright day suddenly changes into almost as dark as night. Thunder and lightning roaring every where striking trees, uprooting so many and damaging cars and houses. It striked my autogate equiptment this time. That in itself sets me thinking.....there is a reminder underlying it and I need to check and balance. It might be a small thing and a common happening to many but not to me. I have always analysed bumps in my life as reminders from Allah to make me a better person. Looking deeper, I usually would find the areas that needs to be improved...no matter how small they may seem. Mudah2an usia yang berbaki dirahmati Allah and I'm ever grateful for my simple blessings, friends and family members who care and always have my best interest in mind. Yesterday, a friend asked how I survive without working. I remember an ustaz in his tazkirah reminding us that we often forget that Allah has provided for us since we were babies and why at almost the end of our life, we worry about it...as if we forget that Allah will keep providing for us in more ways that we can figure out. We remember Him, He will remember us. Another incident that touched my heart. Out of the blues on Aidiladha, I was given 5kg of daging korban. Rezeki Allah yes but I wish I could redistribute it to the more needy. I kept some, I redistributed some. I have not received daging korban for years and I think. 5 kg was a lot. This year, I contributed my korban in Cambodia and Morib. I am just happy to share some parts with people who really need it as meat is very expensive these days (RM20 per kg in my area) and surely, the less fortunate cannot afford it often.

PI-Ameen and thank you,PI. Memang sedap minum air sarbat di waktu panas.

Saturday, 5-Nov-2011 12:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Salam Aidil Adha.....

The Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi
Salam Aidiladha Untuk Semua. Terharu rasanya mendengar khutbah Arafah petang tadi. Rasa macam semalam baru berada di sana. Terkenang langit biru bersih tanpa awan sepanjang di Arafah. Terbayang Allahyarhamah kak Gayah yang bertambah parah sakitnya di Arafah sehingga tidak boleh berjalan. Terpandang-pandang the nice ladies sharing my tent in Arafah but I didn't take their phone numbers....so, I have lost touch with them. May be that's how Allah wanted it to be. Seakan terbau wangian yg menusuk lembut hidung di pagi hari wuquf. I'm happy that I have my write-up on all the experience and I didn't miss any important details. Hajj journey was a great test of human relationship, your own inner strength as we met and mingled with different characters. It served to make us better people as we came to serve Him, nothing else.

Saturday, 22-Oct-2011 10:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Brain Rots If You Allow It To......

Everyone has been talking about the extension of retirement age. Some pro and some against the extension. Yes, while there are many who are happy to be in the rat race for much longer and accummulate millions, there are also many who are looking forward to 55 to venture into new activities and interests which will also prevent their brains from rotting. I don't know why people associate retirement with the beginning of brain rotting. It depends on the individual. If you let it rot, rot it will. But there are others who thrive in activities which are closer to their hearts like being involved in support/volunteer groups and seeking spiritual enhancement to prepare them for the next world. If they have no commitments in terms of unpaid housing and car loans and the children are out of colleges and working, why should they stay in stressfull environtment detrimental to their own health? For those who are willing and looking forward to continue working, by all means do. But they have to make sure that their health is excellent. There is no point working when most of the days are used up by medical leave and thus, productivity is compromised. It is true that working is also ibadah provided that we are sincere in our pursuit, patient with every obstacles that come with it.

PI-Memang lah baik sekali kalau dapat hafal. Sedang mencubalah, PI. Sikit2 dulu. Yes...blogging does good for the brain too provided we use it for positive writing/messages. Byk blog yg kutuk mengutuk....masyaAllah.

Thursday, 13-Oct-2011 13:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Raja Sham's Garden.....

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After Ustad Sharif Shafie class this morning, kak Raja Sham and I went for lunch together at our favourite neighborhood restaurant. When I sent her back, I took the opportunity to take pictures of her beautiful garden. Her house is just 2 roads behind mine. It's a joy to click on beautiful things. I have not taken photos of flowers and garden for a while. Actually, I miss going to new places to see new things and capture new/fresh moments.

PI-Saya suka kulit kepah...stong, sturdy and cantik as it is....Itik PI kenalah bagi makan.....

Saturday, 8-Oct-2011 12:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Solat Tasbih

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Our guru has decided to have solat tasbih once a month on a Friday. We are only too happy to have that. Usually, after solat, we stayed on for a while to mingle and as I always have camera with me, I am just too happy to capture those moments. It does not affect our concentration in any way as it's done after any majlis. It's also good to bond with others. I am happy to know more members on more personal basis now. People see me as a reserved person until they get to know me better. Taddarus on coming Tuesday will be at my place and thereafter, we are going to help a friend with preparation of her daughter's wedding at the end of the month.

PI-Sungguh...kalau di rumah, banyak distraction. Bila buat berjemaah, terasa seronok. Apa pun org kata, mereka dlm tabliqh berdakwah kerana Allah. As long as tanggung jawap pd keluarga tak terabai
Hjh Zae-Betul sangat tu.

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