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Friday, 7-Oct-2011 14:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Giliran Salmah dan Halim Menjadi TetamuNya

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My front neighbors, Salmah and her husband Halim, got the calling for Haj at rather short notice, this is less than 2 weeks. They did their kenduri do'a selamat the night before they left. Alhamdulillah...in 2009, it was Mak Cik Yam and her son, Hafidz (Salmah's immediate neighbor) who went. In 2010, it was me, my next door neighbors Miha and Md Zain and hopefully, there will be other neighbors next year. It's a real joy to see people going for Haj. When Miha asked if I wanted to follow her and husband to Kelana Jaya, I quickly agreed. We expected that by 12.30am, we would be back home. As it was, the jemaah were only called in at around 1.30am and we reached home at 2.30am. Anyway, it was fulfilling to see Salmah's and Halim's happiness as they dragged their luggages in. As usual, I was there to capture moments but as my batery was rather low and I did not realise it earlier, the photos turned out blurr/not sharp. It was really disappointing for me but anyway, at least there are still photos to see and remember the moments with. I was sad to see Azah, Salmah's daughter who cried non-stop. She is left with her three brothers at home until their parents come back. Since it is ITM's semester break, the brothers will be around too and we, neighbors will check on them off and on to see if they need help in anything. Salmah had taught her children to cook nasi briani Pakistan for Raya Haji as it is simpler than briani Johor. Like their mum, all of them love cooking too. Mudah2an, semuanya Allah permudahkan untuk mereka di sana dan anak2 di sini. Semuga mereka mendapat Haji yang mabrur. Actually, I understand much better what Haji mabrur is, now. It is not only how we are there but more of how we are after performing Haj. Are we a better person than we were before, are we istiqamah in our pursuits to seek keredhaan Allah? Have we become insan yang lebih bersyukur dengan segala nikmat Allah?

PI-Memang dah banyak yg aneh sekarang.....alhamdulillah, dapat pergi ikut giliran, ikut muasasah..tanpa cable.

Friday, 30-Sep-2011 12:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Majlis Selain Raya Dan Perkahwinan......

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Selain dari majlis hari raya/perkahwinan, saya tak lupa juga untuk menghadiri majlis-majlis lain seperti majlis do'a selamat menyambut cucu, taddarrus, majlis-majlis ilmu serta sembahyang hajat untuk mendo'akan anak salah seorang jemaah yang sedang koma di hospital. Masih muda...sebab munasabab keadaannya perlu dapat dipastikan lagi. Mudah-mudahan dia cepat sembuh. Selain itu, kami turut mendo'akan rakan-rakan lain serta ahli keluarga yang tidak sihat, termasuklah kak lang yang uzur sejak beberapa hari sebelum Raya. Untuk pertama kali di majlis cukur jambul cucu seorang jemaah, saya bersyair. Tidak pernah bersyair selepas sekolah rendah, tapi rupanya saya masih boleh melagukannya. Alhamdulillah, tidak pulak panik di hadapan ramai orang. Saya sememangnya meminati seni, boleh menyanyi dengan baik untuk menghibur diri sendiri dan suka membaca Al-Quran dengan berlagu tetapi tetap menjaga tajwid. Saya anggap ini semua anugerah dari Allah untuk saya. Saya rasa lega bulan Syawal dan sambutan raya telah berlalu. Sejujurnya, saya merasakan yang sambutan raya kita terlalu lama dan umpama pesta makan yang tak berkesudahan sehingga menyebabkan jalan sesak. Sambutan yang keterlaluan pun boleh melalaikan kita kepada amalan-amalan yang lebih penting. Call me old fashioned but I'm not in favor of large scale open houses as I feel that it's not personal. Ada masanya, langsung tak berjumpa dengan tuan rumah kerana mereka tak menang tangan melayan orang ramai.

PI-Mmg ada group tu...selalunya Halaqah kami buat majlis simple2 je. Do'a tu yg priority. Sekarang ni, org bandar punya majlis berendoi mcm majlis kahwin. Ada baby showe lah...macam2.

Friday, 23-Sep-2011 14:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Wajah Kanak-Kanak.....

I love children and seeing their antics is very entertaining although some tantrums can drive me up the wall too. These three above are happy, well behaved ones who don't seem to have mood swings like the adults around. It is,indeed, a joy to watch babies grow....from a sweet helpless bundles to handful toddlers and so on....Every parent want their off springs to grow up as balanced young adults, well balanced and responsible adults in their later lives with hearts full of love and tender loving care. InsyaAllah, with the right mould that we place from young, the education that we provide (including spiritual lessons), the guidance that they receive, they will become children who will pray for us when we are still alive and continue to pray for us when we are no longer in this world.

PI-Macama perli je..hehe...busy lah jugak....but must seriously find time to write.

Tuesday, 20-Sep-2011 11:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Weddings During Raya Season......

Pelamin at Bukit Jalil
The One In Kelana Jaya
Pengantin And Parents
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I always look forward to attend weddings as usually, they turn out to be reunion of sorts among friends and family members. It was a joy to be able to share my ITM classmate's daughter's wedding at Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil. A nice garden wedding in the so sporting weather.....it was not hot and neither was it raining until after the event. Actually my first time attending a garden wedding. I love the space, the greenery, the relaxed atmosphere. The wedding of Bulat's cousin was held at their house in Kelana Jaya. The theme color of purple and white was similar to the earlier one that I attended in Bukit Jalil. Organising a wedding at a housing area requires cooperation from neighbors as the road needed to be blocked for the tents. It can be unpleasant if the neighbors are calculative and uncooperative. The last wedding that I attended was that of my university mates' son, which was held in Dewan Komuniti Bukit Bandaraya. A simple do which was no less joyous. It was nice meeting old friends at the venue. A marriage is a sacred union which needs to be constantly worked on and not left to be taken for granted. May the couples enjoy lasting union, blessed by the Almighty.

PI-Semuanya nak buat around same time....

Monday, 19-Sep-2011 12:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Visited my friend, Shidah recently. Had not seen her since coming back from New Zealand in May. She's always in my thoughts and my prayers actually but due to my limited morning time these days since I go for classes, I always miss dropping in to see her. I seldom like to go out in the afternoon/evening. I really pray that she will fully recover soon dengan izinNya. God really has different ways to test us to see how we cope with the test and how patient we can be. She's lucky to have a doting husband to care for her and a great helper who has been with them for many years.

PI-Betul,PI. Mudah lupa dan lalai....itu sebab saya bersyukur sangat dapat menghadiri majlis2 ilmu setiap hari supaya sentiasa mengingatkan diri sendiri

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