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Sunday, 18-Sep-2011 12:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Raya House Hopping With My ITM Mates

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A couple of friends from Redmond,USA came back for holidays and we decided to have raya house hopping session involving 5 houses. Woke up at 5.45am to cook a few dishes. Rendang, masak lemak nenas ikan masin kurau, sambal tumis and sayur....mostly non-raya dishes. I guess, after 2 weeks of Raya dishes, everyone wanted something else. It was my first experience of cooking, hosting and going visiting all at the same time. I was really wondering if I could cope. By 8.45am, I had to rush out of the house to fetch two friends to go to the first house, Rodiah's. No time for breakfast at home so we really helped ourselves to the roti jala that Rod served us. There were other kuih muih as well. After about an hour, we moved to Zyan's house where we had a Palembang dish, "model" which, apparently is a healthy food. It's soupy and delicious. Mine was the third destination, followed by Rohani's apartment in Shah Alam, Bakhtiar's house in Taman Berlian, Gombak and finally, Ton's and Halim's Riana Green Codo in Damansara. We had mee bandung at Bakhtiar's, pizza, cakes and sphagetti at Riana Green. By this time, we were joined by three other friends, Zol, Zainal and Nina. By the time we left, it was past 6pm and the weather and jam was pretty bad. We really had fun reminiscing on old times. By 9pm that night, I was really knocked out and awakened at 4am upon hearing an sms notification. Sms at 4am? Anyway, it was good in a way.....I hope she slept well before that instead of having insomnia.

Monday, 12-Sep-2011 05:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Back To School....

We were heading to my cousin's place when we passed by my old school and I had the sudden urge to stop and walked around and captured some moments.....The guard was so sporting that she let me in as though she read my mind of reliving my old memories. You can see my happy face and wide smile. There were new buildings but basically, after 40 over years, the surroundings remained recoznisable. It was the place of many fond memories for me. I never had the chance of being naughty in school. My dad was the President of PIBG, a good friend of the Head Master and I was a prefect. The irony is, the good pupil who was the only girl in her batch to get a Grade 1 did not do as well as the naughty ones, including one who becomes the Menteri Besar. Such is life.....whatever it is, I am happy with mine despite some painful chapters that I had to go through.

PI-Memang pun. I was in Form 6 when the ITM offer came. My dad wanted me to do Form 6 but he gave in to my choice. I still remember he came to our school Sek Men King George V in Seremban to pass me the letter of offer. Macam tu lah kasih seorang ayah pada anaknya....

Sunday, 4-Sep-2011 15:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Warna Warni Raya.....

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We went back to kampung on 3rd day of Raya to visit my sisters, my auntie and a few other close cousins. We wanted to stay at Laman Dinah, my paternal auntie's old house, which her granddaughter had turned into a homestay. Somehow, we changed our mind and wanted to go back to Subang Jaya that night itself but my sis offered to stay at her place since her children have all gone back. My sis stays in Seremban but goes back to kampung regularly, especially during Raya. A visit to my maternal auntie really brought sadness to me. She is past 80 years old, my mum's only sister. She did not remember me or anyone but she remembered my mum and the fact that my mum had passed away. She insists on staying in kampung instead of with her children in KL or Seremban. A son, who is immobile due to stroke, accompanied her with the assistance of an Indonesian couple. I have a lot of fond memories at her house in my childhood days. Used to cycle to her house with my niece to visit her and hear her stories. She taught Qur'an to the kampung kids and one who woke up in the middle of the nights for prayers. I really wish that she leads a comfortable life in her twilight years. Her children care for her and do visit her regularly.

PI-Betullah,kan? I have a lot of things to write,actually but .....
Fadzil-Exciting? Tak lah sangat....tapi bawak anak2 menantu balik kg itu kemestian....otherwise, they will totally forget about kg....I feel more melancholic during Raya these days though it may not show outwardly.
Hjh Zae-Boto tu. Nilai2 murni kito tak leh pandang rengan,kan?

Tuesday, 30-Aug-2011 11:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Satu Hari Di Hari Raya.....

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Usually, my house would be buzzing on first day Raya because Kak Lang and her whole family members would come after Raya prayers. It's different today as Kak Lang is not well and had just been out of hospital yesterday evening. She is really frail these days. After Raya prayers, breakfast and photo sessions, Syam and me visited her at her house in Keramat. Wani and Bulat went to Bulat's parents' place in Shah Alam.and to other uncles' and aunties' places in and around Shah Alam. I accompanied Syam to his grandma's place on the way back from Kak Lang's. I remain on good terms with her and her family members. By night, it's back to normal day for Syam and me. Just the two of us at home. A few of my ex-colleagues will be visiting me tomorrow and we will head back to kampung on Thursday for one night stay to visit close relatives and my parents' graves. Every weekend after this will be occupied with weddings and open houses. My friends from US are coming back and we plan to go house to house Raya among a few former classmates. On 19th September, my classes and taddarrus will resume and life will be back as usual. I love it and it's great to attend majlis ilmu cosistently to keep reminding myself of life and thereafter.

Saturday, 27-Aug-2011 15:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Salam Aidilfitri

It's so fast....one month Ramadhan is going to end in 2 days. As usual, I feel that there are so much more that should have been done in terms of amalan-amalan. When I drove for terawih prayers and saw many houses already dark as the occupants must have gone back to hometown, I felt a tinge of sadness. Raya always bring a tinge of sadness for me after my parent's demise. Salam Aidilfitri, Ma'af Zahir dan Bathin. Happy Merdeka Day too. Is your flag up yet?

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