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Tuesday, 26-Jul-2011 15:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Memories Of Yesteryears-Reunion Of ITM Class of 77

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34 years is not a short span of time but this Reunion is made possible when they (the committee) managed to trace old friends through facebook. As a result, what they expected as maximum 60 pax almost double up the number. It was a chaotic situation when old friends met. Some still looked the same but many were not recoznisable. A lot of white heads around too but we were as jovial as those days. It felt like it was only yesterday that we were together in campus. Spouses who are not from the same batch would definitely feel out of place and tune in the noisy crowd. There were slide presentation of old, blurred photos as well as old songs in the air but I wondered how many really paid attention as catching up with friends became the priority. I heard the songs Angela and Greenfields which meant a lot for me then. I wish my classmates Siti Rogayah and Rohaya Kassim were there. Siti was a real joker in class, especially during the evening/night Costing and Accounting tutorials which I hated. So,it helped cheered me up a little. I enjoyed the speech by the President of the Reunion Committee, Mazlan. He really brought us down memory lane and we laughed our hearts out. I also enjoyed the speech by Tan Sri Arshad Ayob who was the Director of ITM in our days. He related the struggles he faced in his youth and his determination to succeed and see others do too. It was heart warming to see Dato' Salleh Majid, our Head of School who took time off to join us despite his health problems. He has been suffering from kidney problems and require regular dialysis. It was good to see other lecturers there too. En Radzi looked younger than some of his former students. The most havoc moments were photography session. It was really not easy to get oldies to group up for the session. I guess some met old flames back but hopefully, no flames is allowed to rekindle. Let the ghosts of the past rest. The food was good but frankly speaking, I did not really pay attention to them as mingling with my old classmates was more appealing. All in all, It was a great Reunion and my congratulations and thank you to the committe for a great job.

Zairin-I did inform Yam. She wasn't interested. Nampak Cik Pon? Second photo. She really put on weight.Not only German Class. All. 100 over yg datang
Far East- We managed to get in touch through Fb
PI-Pakai nametag pun ramai yg tak kenal..hehehe...
Zairin-Yg tengah2 tu Chom, my classmate. Dr Kalsom Salleh now. Head of Graduate Studies in UiTM. Dia kawin ngan Mat Din, Computer Science. Chom kat ramai admirers masa kat college.
Zol ubah sikit je...he didn't put on weight much. Johan mmg lah...steady je. Cik Pon n Jamani really,really put on. Jasmani tak de hari tu. Dia bukan batch kita.
Hjh Zae-No berputik-putik. The ghosts of the past have rested well

Sunday, 24-Jul-2011 14:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mini Reunion At Putrajaya

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My classmate in ITM, Zaiton Mokhtar is here for a short holiday and a few of us decided to take her to Putrajaya for the cruise, lunch and chit chat. May be it was not a good idea as it was sweltering hot and poor Ton had to endure that. As the cruise was at 1.45pm, we went for lunch at Warisan Pertanian and chatted for about 2 hours. So many stories to exchange after not meeting for 35 years. Just before we boarded the boat, it rained cats and dogs and we wondered what we would see in the heavy downpour. Fortunately, the rain stopped and we could see the sun again. There were Middle East school children on the boat with us. Their 72 years old local guide was one irritating character who insisted on talking on the mike and repeated what the boat guide's narration of the surrounding. He scolded and screamed at the kids too. The cruise guide was an inexperience young chap whose spoken English left very much to be desired. Thank God there were no European on the boat. I did not enjoy the cruise this time around. Perhaps, I had been there too often. The good thing was we had the senior citizen 50% discount and I saw I centre at Dataran, which was a welcoming addition. We should have ICentre every where to assist tourists. Putrajaya has to come up with more interesting programmes to attract visitors, especially for the cruise. Don't dream of taking a New Zealander for this cruise as they have more interesting ones in their homeland. I was pleased to see around 20 tour buses there that day but I guess, not many took the cruise. Anyway, it's always a pleasure to see Masjid Putra and PM's Office. We had our zohor prayers at Masjid Besi. The escalator was not on and we had to take the stairs to the second floor. The mosque may not need airconditioning as it is made of steel but it is still stuffy with telekung on and fans would really help especially for visitors from USA, like Ton.

Zairin-I actually tak perasan Rose (Nina) waktu kat ITM. Kenal balik kat fb. Ton pun mcm dulu...soft spoken. Anaknya, Haris, handsome.
PI-Seronok jumpa kawan2 lama. Siapa yg iras Zairin? Tak dengar cakap guide cruise tu pun tak pe. Tak de standard langsung. English lintang pukang. Buat jatuh image negara je. PI..Oh..Datin Rose tu. Lain. Tak sama. InsyaAllah, bila dia balik, boleh gi sana.
Mummy-Exactly. Tak tahan lah tenguk bila guide tak conversant/professional.
Hjh Zae-Sapo lagi? Tapi silap time lah...paneh bedonting. Sian org US...lonjun dek poluh.Berjimba tu perkataan baru ko?Asyik tgk you all pakai.

Wednesday, 20-Jul-2011 02:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Endless Spring, Endless Summer......

Kelantan Delights, Subang Jaya
Driving back from the shop, I suddenlly noticed the lone tree covered in pink blooms. It was such a nice, welcoming sight and I did not want to miss my 'spring'. True enough, my spring ended two days later. Kelantan Delights opened a new outlet in Wisma Consplant, opposite or rather besides Subang Parade. The place looked very grand at night. We decided to try it out one night and we sat on the terrace, took in the view of SJ landmarks on a breezy night. The food was not bad. The nasi kerabu was nice. It's quite pricy and would drain your pocket if you want to go there daily for lunch but it is in the same league with Serai and Belanga at Empire Shopping Gallery. The place is cozy and suitable for family dinner. I will show some of their food later in other entry.

PI-Thanks,PI. Spontan aje pantun yg keluar...nice.
Mummy-Sayangnya, blooms ni tak tahan lama. I'm glad I managed to catch them while they lasted
Zairin/Baning-Sini pun ada spring hehehe...
Mr@Min-No..not the end of the story. But saya mmg terkilan ngan diri sendiri kerana tak menulis sekerap dulu..

Sunday, 17-Jul-2011 12:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Macam2 Buah Ada.....


PI-Sedap pantu. Mmg rezeki Allah melimpah ruah. Thanks for sharing ayat2 dan hadith.
Zairin-Buah pulasan. Musim buah sekarang....ada tempat menjadi, ada yg tak. Acik's place byk pulasan tapi this round belum ada lagi. Mmg boleh piknik bawah pokok rambutan/pulasan dia. Bawak ubat nyamuk sekali....hehehe....
Mummy-Datang sini...boleh makan.
Fadzil: Betul sangat....

Friday, 15-Jul-2011 02:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark
After The Mango Tree Is Gone......

The leaves are bigger, clothes dry faster, the garden looks neater......you win some, you loose some as in all aspects of our life. Story to continue...

PI-Dah banyak yg pelik2 berlaku
Zairin-Hehehe...gate tak tiba2 lagi...so, macam dok di US lah....gateless. Sana pun musim kawin ye?
Yang-Memang cantik and cooling. I love it. Co. Adzlan yg buat ni. Dia ada landscape business. More than RM 3,000. Puas hati. Very neat kerjanya. Remeh temeh...bukan beli pebblestones ready made. Mereka buat sendiri.
Malique-Kalau ikutkan, mmg suka lebih hijau...tapi memikirkan tujuan utama nak letak 2 kereta, terpaksalah lebihkan pebbles stones.Tak cukup tempat parking kat luar rumah. Tiap2 rumah ada at least 3 kereta....

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